Mustang Convertible Sequential 3rd Brake Light

2015+ Ford Mustang Convertible Sequential 3rd Brake Light

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This is an OE component, direct from the dealership, that has been modified with a sequential 12-LED board. Its Plug-N-Play!

Unit ships pre-programmed with two patterns of your choice, BRAKE and SHOW. 

BRAKE  = this pattern is activated upon hitting the brakes. This pattern will run for 4 seconds and then ALL the LEDs will come on solid until you let off the brake.

SHOW = this pattern is activated when the "show" wire is connected to any 12V+ source, this can be done using our Show Mode Easy Install Kit (sold separately), a switch at your dash or connected directly to your vehicles tail/running lights.  Connection must be a 12V POSITIVE source.  If the SHOW mode is on, and you hit the brake, the BRAKE pattern will always override the SHOW pattern for as long as the brake is held down.  The show pattern will resume once the brake is released. The show pattern is a continuous sequence.

Choose from the pattern list or have us CUSTOMIZE a set of patterns for you